• Our lodge in Ikizdere for 2012


    Our lodge in Ikizdere



    The Ridos hotel in Ikizdere is our lodge.

    Ideally situated, 1 H 30 from Trabzon airport, this hotel with 50 rooms and 10 suites is a bit up from the village of Ikizdere .



    Less than 4 minutes of flight from the first run, the hotel is in the best place in the mountains for our operations. Comfortable, easy access, with a thermal swimming pool, a very good fitness room, we are very happy to propose you such a place in the KASHKAR.

    You could be lodged in single, double or suite.



    Our ski room allowed us all comfort to prepare our ski and to warm up your shoes.

    A team of specialist is at your disposal when you come back from the mountains for massages, hot stones, stretching, for you to recover after your days. 

    hamam ridos


    Three run carpets, two rowing machines, three bike, and two walking machines, Body building bench and weiglifting are here for those who think that skiing is not enough.


    The Ridos Hotels is a very well-known thermal establishment, and a warm water spring with many qualities fill the swimming pool where you can relax yourself after the ski. 

    hotel ridos piscine


    The helipad is just in front of the hotel and your departure to the summit or your come back from the ski will be no more than 50 meter from your room.


    In case of down weather day that not allowed us to flight, we can organize cat skiing days with our ratrac. It is fitted with a cabin which can carry 10 persons. We also have 3 scooters, able to help us while we are operating and also for our leisure.  


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