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    The 2015 season will see us in Ayder . Our regular program will be there one more seasons. 

    We will afford our guests the quality of service and safety that we usually provide , trying to be better and better every year .We have since last season a very confortable hotel , with very good service . Our turkish operator , GDH , will continue to provide us 2 B3 , with a very good team of pilots.  

    Most of our heliski program for the 2015 season , will be done in Kaçkar, in Ayder where most of you have been before  . The late season program will see us in Greenland , for fews weeks, and also in Kamtchatka for one week. 

    You could see our program and activity on www.caucaseheliski.com

    We hope to see you there , and stay at your disposal to organise your trip with us . 

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  • OUVERTURE 2015 - OPENING 2015 - ОТКРЫТИЕ 2015

    Du 14 Janvier au 15 Mars 2015

    Base opening January 14th to March 15th 2015.

    More info and booking : anatolianheliski@gmail.com

    Contact : +33 660 377 519

    Открытие нашей горнолыжной базы будет проходить с 14/01 по 14/03/2015 года.

    Дополнительная информация и заказ путевок : anatolianheliski@gmail.com

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    Welcome on our blog...

    POWDERCIRCUS is a commercial company, but it’s also a human adventure.

    We are a heliski company working all over the world . Himalaya, Caucasus, Greenland , and Turkey .

    We created this blog,to share this adventure with you.

    You will find all over it ,the informations about our operation ,and all the stories of those who work in in the backstage to organize your heliski trip.This "Heliski anatolian" blog is dedicated to our activity in Turkey , where we are in charge of the devlopement of the heliski program since Three seasons. 

    We wish it as rich as possible and ready to answer to your questions, to help you to dream about heliski, and to be a good appetizer.

    We hope you will enjoy surfing with us and that you will regularly come to visit our pages before or after a visit to ski with us in the AROUND THE BLACK SEA.

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