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    The first concern of Anatolian heliski is your security. Master piece of our organization, all our guide are certificated mountains guide or National ski instructor. Those French diploma, organize by the National ski school of Chamonix are some of the most requiring in the world, and exemplify as models in a lot’s of country . Our guide are also following every years an internal training, to actualize their knowledge and unify their process.

    In our team you will ski with Mountains guide or national ski instructor, Wich are the two french diploma that allow their owner to act as a professionel.


    Medaille national


    National Instructor BEES

    As all the sport job in mountains, the job of ski instructor require a perfect skill of the activity, a solid teaching motivation, and …Mountains passion

    The 1er degre of the state sport instructor diploma, alpin ski option , allowed  to frame with payement alpin ski and other snow activity ( snowboard, snow shoes….) in all the level of the class of progression.

    The holder of the diploma is allowed to wear the title of National ski instructor, and can exercise his activity on the secures slopes and off pistes, except the glaciers area untagged and on the terrain where it need alpines techniques to progress.

    The technical test of the state diploma is a slalom which requires a good sport experience of the ski.(Level: Chamois de vermeil)


    Training content

    The teachings which reach at the BEES 1er degré option ski alpin , contain a common part of all the sport diploma and a specific one. The common part could be either a general common mountains sport diploma, either the “tronc commun BEES” Or any diploma that have the equivalence. This diploma give evidence of the level of knowledge in general knowledge (physiological, anatomic, biomechanics, institutional environment, economic and juridical environment…) The specific part is turn on the acquisition of the technical capacity, the development of pedagogic knowledge and the risk management in mountains terrain.


    Training duration

    The training to be instructor takes between three to four years after the preformation.The training is a sandwich course: Pedagogic time in ski school, and course in the national school.

    medaille uiagm


    Mountains guide



    The trade of Mountains guide requires serious physical, technics, and moral ability.

    To sit to the aspirant guide exams , a high technical level in alpinisme,alpine ski , off piste ski , ice climbing, canyons,  and a huge high mountains experience is require.

    The diploma of high mountains guide delivers the skill to exerce as professional, in rock ascent, snow ascent, ice, mixt ascent, and in all the ski touring and off piste excursion.

    The teaching of the alpines technics.

    The teaching and the management in all canyons.

    The training for competition in all the alpines technics.

    Training duration

    It take 6 years between the first exams as aspirant guide and the final mountains guide exam. The diploma is a sandwich course: Pedagogic time in activity, and course in the national school.


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